Roller Blinds


Sarabella Roller Blinds Collage

The classic roller blinds may be simple but effective. You may roll down or roll up the curtains at a simple pull motion. What’s best, you can choose the option to have it motorized making it even easier for opening and closing the curtains by just a few clicks.

The roller blinds comes in made custom made solar shades. Also well known as the “sunglasses” for the windows. You can choose from solid colors to patterned shades.

Custom Roller Shades in Calgary

Window roller blinds, also known as roller shades, are an innovative, versatile, and stylish solution to all of your window treatment needs. Choose from a variety of sheer or blackout options including different colours, prints, textures, and materials that suit your needs and preferences.

Whether you’re looking for custom roller shades in Calgary to block out the sun, provide privacy for you and your family, protect your furniture from sun damage, or complement the decor of every room in your home, our window treatment experts at Sara Bella can help you make the right choice.

What Are Roller Blinds?

Roller blinds are often installed in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, bathrooms, and kitchens that feature oversized windows for a number of reasons. Depending on the type of material used, roller blinds offer an unparalleled level of privacy and sun protection compared to other types of window coverings.

They’re constructed of either a single or double layer of material that’s encased around a plastic casing which is installed at the very top of your window frame. Traditionally, roller blinds were equipped with a chain mechanism or cord on the side that allows you to open and close the blinds manually. Since the cords have been deemed a potential choking hazard for young children and pets, many homeowners have started to go cordless instead.

Modern roller blinds offer the option of installing motorized operating systems that allow you to operate the blinds from anywhere in your home without having to worry about safety hazards.

Types of Roller Shades

Sara Bella offers a diverse assortment of roller shade options to suit your needs. We have the following roller shade styles:
  • Light filtering roller blinds: These are translucent window blinds that allow a limited amount of filtered natural light into your space without compromising your privacy. Even when they’re closed, a minimal amount of natural light will still seep through, which makes this the ideal choice for kitchens, offices, and living rooms.
  • Blackout Roller Shades: As the name suggests, blackout roller shades are opaque and provide complete darkness and privacy. When the shades are completely drawn, absolutely no light can get in. This is why blackout roller shades are usually selected for bedrooms and bathrooms where more privacy and less light are required.
  • Sunscreen Roller Shades: In addition to offering supreme light control, sunscreen roller shades are also designed to block external heat from entering your home in the summer and internal heat from escaping in the winter. In doing so, sunscreen roller shades also simultaneously prevent harmful UV rays from penetrating your windows.

Why Choose Sara Bella Roller Shades?

The answer is simple. We offer high-quality and European manufactured custom roller shades in Calgary for an affordable price. Visit our store in Calgary to view our wide selection of design, fabric, and colour options. All of our blinds are made to measure and order, which is why we offer in-home consultations for each of our clients. Contact us today to learn more!