Roman Blinds


Sarabella Roman Blinds Collage

The style of the Roman blinds creates an elegant and inviting environment with its unique texture and character.They are specially finished and fined through its uniqueness at the way it is sewned, fabric hemmed and hiding its cords. It gives the blinds a more of a 3-dimensional texture, unlike many other blinds that are flat allowing it to portray its uniqueness and elegance.

Roman Window Blinds

Stylish, unique, functional, and completely versatile shades can add a stunning sense of distinction to any space. Roman window blinds can give you everything you’re looking for and much more. Whether you prefer a clean, streamlined look or if you’re more partial to an elegant and modern appearance, our selection of Roman shades offer a variety of beautiful and timeless options to meet your expectations.

Choose from a wide range of custom designs including different colours, fabrics, and patterns that specifically cater to your taste and the decor in your home. The design experts at Sara Bella are committed to delivering the utmost in customer service and high quality standards. If you’re looking for Roman window blinds in Airdrie, Alberta, then we can help you design the ideal window treatments for your space.

Designing Your Roman Window Blinds

Aside from their classic and contemporary style options, Roman window blinds have a lot to offer and can accommodate virtually any space in which they’re installed. From deconstructed flat fold shades that are made with a single piece of fabric to soft and pleated materials, our Roman shades are made-to-order to fit perfectly within the design of every room in your home.

We view window treatments as a unique art form that’s meant to complement the functionality and structure of a space.

Flat Fold Roman Blinds

Flat Fold Roman blinds consist of one long piece of fabric that hangs loosely over a window frame. Not only do these work well for simple designs and materials with colourful and bold prints, but they also offer optimal temperature and lighting control to help keep energy costs low.

Pleated or Tucked Roman Blinds

As the name suggests, pleated Roman blinds feature horizontal creases and folds that are ideal for either solid colours or fabrics with geometric designs. These blinds can be opened top down or bottom up depending on your preferences.

Mounting Options

Roman blinds also offer two mounting options: internal and external. You can choose to have the window shades mounting inside the window frame for a sleek, clean look. On the other hand, you also have the option of mounting the blinds on the outside of the window frame to give it a more rustic and homey feel.

Optimal Operation

Modern Roman blinds come with a variety of features that offer unparalleled form and functionality. Functional operation systems allow you to open and close the blinds as you please including top to bottom, bottom to top, or side-to-side. However, if you’re more interested in a strictly decorative structure, then stationary blinds are the way to go.

Why You Should Buy Roman Blinds from Sara Bella

At Sara Bella, we have one of the largest and most diverse collections of innovative, stylish, and energy efficient window fashions. Choose from a large selection of handcrafted Roman blinds that are custom-made in Europe using only the finest craftsmanship. We also offer a five-year limited warranty to help ensure absolute customer satisfaction. Contact us to learn more or book your an in-home consultation!