Bedroom Window Coverings in Airdrie

Nowadays, your bedroom most likely serves numerous purposes; it’s not just where you lay your head down at night anymore. From pseudo-exercise room to library to relaxation sanctuary, your bedroom is more versatile than ever. As such, you need blinds that work just as hard and look just as good as your bedroom does. If you’re looking for the perfect window coverings in Airdrie, AB then let the blinds experts at Sara Bella help you find the right match for your taste, budget, and needs.


We’re here to help you take the guesswork out of selecting the ideal blinds for the bedrooms in your home. Whether you’re looking to replace the blinds in your master bedroom or upgrade your kids’ rooms, we have a wide range of options that can complement your home perfectly.

While you might want to create a cohesive and complementary style throughout your entire house, not every bedroom will necessarily fit within the same mould. For instance, you obviously have different tastes than other members of your family. With that said, you should try to choose blinds that match the décor within each room, even if that means having different styles, fabrics, or colours throughout.

The location of each room in your house is also important when it comes to choosing the right type of blinds to install. After all, location impacts the amount of light control and privacy needed to maintain optimal comfort for the occupants in each room. Privacy is always a crucial factor in bedrooms anyway, but some rooms need more light control than others. Front-facing bedrooms and those that get a lot of natural light usually require more heavy duty blinds due to more frequent use than rooms that are less visible from the outside.

Speaking of heavy-duty blinds, you might also want to take into consideration the frequency with which your blinds will be opened and closed as well as who will be using them the most in each bedroom. If you’re planning on putting new blinds in your kids’ bedrooms, then you seriously need to take their safety and operation into consideration. Avoid installing blinds with long cords on the side as these can often be a strangulation or even choking hazard among young children.

In that case, you should also think about installing blinds with materials that are easy to clean and mess-resistant in case your kids spill liquids or accidentally try to draw on them.


At Sara Bella, our window treatment experts are happy to help you find the perfect blinds to fit perfectly in every bedroom in your home. Choose from our large array of blinds and shades or purchase custom-designed window coverings that are made-to-measure. Our blinds are handcrafted in Europe using only the highest quality materials and fabrics. We also offer a five-year warranty on our products. Schedule your free in-home consultation today to learn more.