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Zebra Blinds: The Perfect Movie Room

Choosing the right blinds to match the room is not an easy task. The colour, design, functionality, and movement are just a few of the many things to consider when shopping for the right blinds for your home. But imagine this, imagine watching your favourite movie on netflix and the characters are trapped underground (odd, I know, but keep reading). The screen goes dark and the sun is beaming through the windows directly on the screen during the dark scene. It sucks, I know. Now, let’s re-imagine the dark scene, but this time, you simply click a button, and the room goes dark. The motorised zebra blinds are hassle free, block UV rays, and allow for a dark movie-like room without leaving the couch. Let’s be honest, no one enjoys leaving the comfort of their couch to close the blinds. 

Convenience of Motorized Blinds 

Remember the bad old days? Yes, I said bad. The cords would get tangled and the drapes would get stuck on some screw and you find yourself wrestling with curtains. If the world is gonna evolve, so should your blinds. If you don’t see yourself walking to the back of your TV to turn it on, you shouldn’t be doing it with your blinds. Nowadays, everything is done remotely to ensure convenience and enjoyment. Why not do the same with your blinds? Happiness is derived from convenience, so invest in your happiness with our motorised blinds! 

Kid Friendly or Parent Friendly? 

Attention parents. Yes, I am talking to you. You love your kids, they are the centre and the most important aspect of your lives (I hope). But let me ask you, parents, a serious question. How much do you love your kids when they pull on the cords of your blinds and it all comes crashing down? Or, or when they play hide and seek behind the curtains and pull it off the rod? You still love them, but when these things happen, you may love them just a tiny bit less (No shame in admitting it, it’s not a cheap fix!). Luckily, our blinds are cordless and secured so no matter how playful your children are, the blinds stand a great chance of survival. You love your kids, obviously. But unless they’re paying for it, you might as well buy it once and never have to worry about it. Because let’s be honest, your six year old won’t be paying for new blinds. 

Dual Roller Blinds: For The Perfectionists

Do you ever notice when you have double blinds for larger/dual windows and doors, that sometimes one of them is not even? Or do you get frustrated when you can’t get both blinds to line up perfectly next to each other? For those of you who are perfectionists, I can imagine it drives you insane. Our dual blinds are designed to be aligned with one another to avoid any crookedness or misalignments, and move at the same speed and add a modern look to the room. Nothing is worse than walking into a room to see two blinds that are uneven. Absolutely nothing.

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