Which blinds fit the design style of your home?




Everyone has their own unique sense of style. You showcase it on to yourself but you also showcase it into your own homes. Knowing your design style and what you want for your home to look is how you make it your own. Here are some of our tips on how to make your home look and feel the way you want it to by using blinds.


If you have a more modern and futuristic sense style, you may likely have bigger windows and a more open concept for your home. Keeping that in mind, The Dual Roller Blinds that we offer might be to your liking. The first layer of its shade is a blackout fabric material that covers all lighting from the outside that gives you the privacy when you want but the second layer with a transparent fabric that semi-blocks the sunlight from UV radiation but at the same time maintaining some brightness and openness into your home.


If your style is simplistic and purposeful, then you might be a minimalist. Using neutral colors and tones, We think that our Zebra Blinds would suit your style. When using double crossing the strips (with its front and back shaded blinds), it allows some strips to be transparent, while the other strips becomes solid, allowing sunlight to shine through but yet not too bright. On the other hand, when the horizontal strips do not cross, with its front and back shaded blinds, it would block out the sunlight entirely. This creates a cozy environment without all the brightness whenever you feel the need for it.


Rustic designs use a lot of warm and deep tones. Though usually rustic designs tend to lean towards more wooden designs, We think our Roman Blinds might be a good fit. Now, hear me out. I know usually you see Roman Blinds being used on more elegant and modern homes but our Roman shades are made-to-order to fit perfectly within the design of every room in your home.


Having a traditional style gives you more flexibility to choose what kind of blinds you want for your home. You have the freedom to choose any of the varieties but the classic Roller Blinds may be simple yet effective. You may roll down or roll up the curtains at a simple pull motion. What’s best, you can choose the option to have it motorized making it even easier for opening and closing the curtains by just a few clicks.

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