Window Treatment Trends in 2022



Every room in your home should have a main focal point that not only speaks to your stylistic preferences, but one that also ties the entire room together while creating a cohesive décor throughout your house. It might sound like a lot to ask of just one type of adornment, but the right modern window coverings can easily help you achieve this objective and bring your vision to life. The challenge sometimes comes in marrying your personal vision for what your home should look like with current trends.

To help you along the way, we’ve created a list of what we think will be the top window treatment trends in 2022.


Gone are the days when you had to pull on a string to adjust or pull your blinds up and down. Nowadays, window treatment experts are more intent on creating a nice, fresh, and clean look when it comes to window treatments. Motorized blinds are taking over the window treatment industry in a big way and will most likely continue to do so throughout the year as more and more households make the switch. These blinds are easy to control and they’re much less of a safety hazard for your pets and kids.

Blackout Roller Shades

As the name suggests, blackout roller shades are specifically designed to completely block out sunlight—and that’s exactly what they do. Regardless of how bright the sun is shining on any given day, you can bask in total darkness for as long as you want. This option is ideal for people who work night shifts and need to sleep during the day, parents who are trying to put their infants down for a mid-afternoon nap, or anyone who wants to protect their furniture from being exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Sheer Shades That Provide Natural Lighting

In contrast to total darkness, some people might prefer to get at least some natural lighting throughout their home. Sheer shades provide the perfect solution. They’re elegant, stylish, and they provide just enough natural lighting so that you can enjoy the space you have without altering the temperature throughout your home.

Hybrid Fabrics

These days, consumers are typically far more environmentally conscious than they were in the past—especially when it comes to purchasing decorative pieces for their homes. This includes window dressings. As a result, more and more window treatment companies are using a mix of natural and synthetic materials to create beautiful, yet functional products. Natural materials are environmentally sustainable and biodegradable in most cases; whereas synthetic materials add the exact level of functionality that consumers crave. We predict that in 2021, people will opt for hybrid fabric options to accommodate both of these needs.

Floor-to-Ceiling Window Treatments

Large floor-to-ceiling windows can make any space look exponentially bigger while also adding an air of unmatched elegance. This is especially ideal for downtown lofts or apartments with stunning views of the city skyline. It also provides greater opportunities to use your imagination when dressing your windows.

Custom Roller Shades in Calgary, Alberta

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