Windows Shutters VS Blinds? Which one is better Choice?



In the present scenario, both shutters and blinds play an imperative role in the interior design of your house. Both blinds and shutters serve the purpose of controlling the light in your house and providing more privacy. Selecting which option to go with depends on a few key factors such as budget, personal preference, placement. To begin with, blinds are a window covering that has horizontal or vertical slats that can be drawn out of the way. The slats usually can be adjusted to allow for different amounts of light. On the other hand, shutters can be either a solid or slatted window covering. The slats on shutters are called louvers. They can be opened and closed to allow varying levels of light. Now as we know about both shutters and blinds, it is a tough decision to select one as your selection will have a lasting impact on your room and is a long term investment in your home. Here are some common differences between shutters and blinds that will help us to find answers about what is best for your house.


Life Expectancy Blinds if maintained properly, can last for 5 years. Shutters, on the other hand with proper care can last for 50 years or more
PriceBlinds can range quite a bit in their cost depending on the material and style we choose. Wooden blinds will cost more than vinyl blinds. Shutters are more expensive than blinds due to the cost of materials used.
MaterialsMaterials used for blinds are Aluminum, vinyl, wood, bamboo, Faux Wood, Heavy fabrics for Verticals. Materials used for shutters are Faux Wood, Vinyl
Privacy and light control Blinds are open, closed, or tilted at an angle. Blinds can compete with shutters on reducing heat gain, but shutters take this one because they do a better job on heat loss. Shutters with blinds would be a good option for those looking to achieve near blackout during the day.On the other hand, shutters can help to block heat from the sun during summer, and keep your home insulated in winter and can save you a bundle on your energy bills all throughout the year. You can have full privacy while still allowing for a generous amount of light to be let into the room, as well as views out.
CleaningBlinds are typically thin and strung through with a pull cord for adjustment, leaving little space between the individual blinds. That can make cleaning them individually a huge hassle. Shutters are easier than blinds to clean as the louvers are solid and less likely to move.
Most EfficientBlinds can complete with shutters on reducing heat gain but if windows are open and there’s a breeze then blinds are going to move around.In this case, also shutters are better because they do a better job of heat loss.
Hardest WearingFor hard-wearing and long-lasting, PVC vinyl blind is a better option.Window shutters are incredibly durable. Unlike blinds, they will be fixed in place which ensures that it is less likely to break or suffer wear and tear.
Most inconspicuousOn a breezy day with the window open, blinds are more likely to move.Unlike blinds, shutters are modest and unassuming. Even with the window open, you hardly know they’re there.
Most CozyIn this case, both shutters and blinds are equally cozy, as they also shut the outside world out completely. In this case, both shutters and blinds are equally cozy, as they also shut the outside world out completely.
Best For BathroomsBlinds are also good options for the bathroom but shutters are a cleaner and less fussy option.There are some waterproof shutters which are ideal for bathrooms or humid areas, also they will not warp.
Best DressedBlinds offer myriads of color options to enhance the interior decoration.Shutters can be easily color-matched according to one’s requirement.
Pet FriendlyBlinds can’t give added flexibility.Due to the most hard-wearing solution, shutters are considered a pet-friendly option as they can’t be climbed like curtains.
Best FitBlinds are typically thin and strung through with a pull cord for adjustment, leaving little space between the individual blinds.Whether your window is small and rectangular, unlike blinds, window shutters are tailored to fit exactly with the size and shape of your window.
Best ValueOne of the biggest selling points of blinds is their lower price tag compared to shutters.The classy look of shutters is a permanent fixture in your home that can improve your walk-through appeal if you ever plan on selling.

Who wins?

Whilst shutters might in some instances be the more expensive option, their versatility means they provide better value than blinds. If privacy, light control, efficiency, and durability are important to you, there is no better window dressing option other than shutters. Lastly, shutters have been proven to increase the home resale value compared to blinds.

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